What is the Cryptocurrency market

Confuses are from Cryptocurrency! Let’s get to know this ‘secret’ currency a little bit
In simple language, cryptocurrency is a digital money system built on computer algorithms. It just stays online as a digit. No country or government has any control over it.

Day Vishwakarma/New Delhi: There is a lot of discussion about cryptocurrencies today. Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is a cryptocurrency. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the same cryptocurrency. You will be introduced to every aspect of it, as well as how it will be used in the future, whether it is a trend in India or not. Our expert horizon priest has told us openly about the complete ABCD of cryptocurrencies.

What happens to cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrency is a term consisting of two words. Crypto, which is a Latin word derived from cryptography, which means hidden. While Currency also comes from the Latin currentia, which is used for money. So cryptocurrencies mean hidden money. Or secret money. Or digital rupee. Horizon Purohit (Kshitij Purohit), the lead of international and commodities research at Capital via Global Research Ltd.and a deep grip on cryptocurrencies, explains that cryptocurrencies are usually a kind of digital money that you can’t touch, but keep. That is, it is a digital form of currency. It is not in your pocket in solid form like a coin or Note. This happens completely online.

Think of it in a simple language such that each country has its own Currency. Such as India has Rupee, US has Dollar, Saudi Arabia has rial, England has euro. Every country has its own currency. This means a money system that is valid by a country and that people can use it to buy essential items. That is, a currency that has a value.

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Who created and why?
About this horizon points out that a lot of people believe that cryptocurrencies started in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, but this is not so. Earlier too many investors or countries had worked on the digital currency. The U.S. created the 1996 main electronic gold, a gold that could not be stored, but could be purchased from it. However, in 2008 it was banned. Similarly, in the year 2000, the Netherlands linked cash to a smart card to fill in petrol.

Bitcoin most expensive Virtual Currency
In simple language, cryptocurrencies are a digital cash system built on computer algorithms. It just stays online as a digit. No country or government has any control over it. In the beginning it was termed illegal. But later on due to the growing popularity of Bitcoin, it has been legalized in many countries. Some countries are even bringing their own cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the world’s most expensive virtual currency.

How does Cryptocurrency work?
The popularity of cryptocurrency currencies has increased over the past few years. They are used through blockchain software. These digital currencies are encrypted. It is managed through a decentralized system. Each transaction is verified by a digital signature. A record is kept with the help of cryptography. Horizon points out that purchases through it are called crypto mining (Cryptocurrency Mining) because every information has to be digitally database-generated. Those by whom this mining is done are called miners.

In easy language and easy to understand, cryptocurrencies are a virtual currency based on blockchain technology that is protected by cryptography. All this work is done through powerful computers. Horizon even says it’s almost impossible to copy its code.

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How is the transaction?
In cryptocurrencies whenever a transaction occurs its information is entered into the blockchain, i.e. it is placed in a block. Miners are responsible for the security and encryption of this block. For this, they solve a Cryptographic puzzle and search for the appropriate Hash (a code) for the block.

What happens after finding the hash?
When a miner finds a strong hash and secures the block, it is linked to the blockchain and verified through other nodes (Computers) in the network. This process is called consensus.

What happens after a consensus is found?
If consensus is reached consider that the block was confirmed to be secure. If found correctly, the miner who secures it is given a crypto coin. This is a reward that is considered proof of work.

How many are there like?
Now there is a question in the mind about how much it is in digital form. The horizon priesthood points out that there are more than 1800 crypto currencies available. You can also use other than Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (Dogecoin) are FairCoin (FAIR), Dash (DASH), pircoin (PPC), Ripple (XRP).

How to trust cryptocurrencies?
Horizon says people predicted that bitcoin would end up coming around $180-$200. But with mass adoption by the public and it is gaining more trust. Bitcoin’s market cap added about $700 million in the previous quarter. However, since September 2020 the price has more than nearly doubled.

Many countries are about to bring cryptocurrencies
While there has been debate that it is in the bubble space and can burst at any time but the massive acceptance and entry by new investors has become even more valuable. Trust will have to be done as many countries are now considering bringing their own cryptocurrencies. Earlier, the government was considering banning it, but now it has seen a softening.

Who are the Indian market players?
Bitcoin Wallet is very similar to our mobile wallet. Where we store our money and make transactions from. WazirX, Unocoin, Zebpay are Indian companies that are in the business of bitcoin.

What does WazirX Finder say?
WazirX founder and CEO Nishal Shetty said in an interview, ‘India has a lot of conviction about it now. Because there is no regulation for this in the country. People get scared when they hear about it. A lot of things that actually exist on the internet are unregulated. e-commerce, including ola, uber, are also unregulated. ‘The most important thing for investors is that not being regulated increases the chances of fraud and scams.

How to buy and sell crypto?
The answer has become even easier now. Due to the increasing popularity, there are now many crypto exchange platforms in the market. In this case, it is quite easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin in the country. Popular platforms include WazirX, Zebpay, Coinswitch Kuber and CoinDCX GO. Investors can also purchase other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum from international platforms like Coinbase and Binance.

Most notably, all these shopping platforms are open round the clock. The process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies is also quite easy. You only need to sign up to these platforms. After that, complete your KYC process and transfer the money to the wallet. You will then be able to make a purchase.

What can be done with crypto?
The world’s most expensive diamond has been bought from cryptocurrencies on July. It is clear that this will also allow material goods to be purchased in the future. However cryptocurrencies cannot be printed in the notes and coins room. But still it has its own value. With Cryptocurrency you can buy, Trade and invest, but not keep in your safe. Nor can keep in the locker of the bank. Because it stays online as Digits. It is also called digital money, virtual money and electronic money. Its value is much higher than the physical currency. Some of the top cryptocurrencies are worth thousands of times more than the dollar.

What is the Cryptocurrency market?

The place where buying and trading cryptocurrencies takes place. It is known by names such as cryptocurrency Exchange, Digital Currency Exchange (DCE), Coin market and Crypto Market.

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What is the future of crypto?

There are two things most important about Bitcoin – one, it is a digital currency used via the internet, and the other, it is seen as an alternative to the traditional currency. Cryptocurrencies are facing a crisis of trust at the moment. Governments look at it with suspicion and consider it a threat to the traditional currency. Governments also feel that cryptocurrencies are part of a virtual world that is trying to break free of government control and is trying to run parallel to the real world.

What is the attitude of the government?
The important thing is that the central government can completely ban the crypto currency in the new proposed bill. In 2017, a committee was formed by the centre. The committee had proposed banning crypto currency. Therefore, crypto currency experts believe that in the coming days, the government may decide to ban all crypto currencies.

Can you really buy something like a car with cryptocurrency?

In response to this horizon says that yes, crypto is like an Indian rupee that has its own value. Right now, crypto has not been accepted by most government of the world. When this happens, we will have access to crypto currency like any other currency. Because it will be part of the ordinary exchange between people.

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