When and how stress can be ‘good’, learn what ‘positive stress’ is

When and how stress can be ‘good’, learn what ‘positive stress’ is

Eustress Or Positive Stress: There is hardly anyone in today’s lifestyle who does not have any stress or Stress stress. Usually any kind of stress is considered bad, but stress is not always bad. Rather, it is an essential part of life, which cannot be avoided. There are two types of stress – good or bad. Good stress creates energy, enthusiasm and thrill towards work, while bad stress makes you unhappy and irritable. In fact most stress sits as a result of worrying about future things.

According to uk news website Metro, not all kinds of stress is bad. This news report points out that we mentally link ‘stress’ to concepts such as anxiety and fatigue (Anxiety and Exhaustion). Whereas there is also something like positive stress. Also known as stress (Eustress) and is a similar feeling of stress.

In this report, hypnotherapist (Hypnotherapist) Gail Marra (Gail Marra) points out that it is tempting to be afraid of stress and stay away from it at all costs. But sometimes simply redefining those feelings as excitement can make a huge difference. GAIL encourages us to tilt into that feeling, she also suggests that having a stress (Eustress) in our lives can bring real benefits.

Stress inspires us
If you are completely stress free, you will be sitting still and comfortably all the time. But you really need a little stress to complete the job. “Stress is really a call for action,” says Gail. When you release adrenaline (fight or flight hormones) into your body, your heart and lungs work better, sending oxygen to the brain and major muscles and it gives you strength. At the same time, there is an increase in viewing and hearing.’

While Psychologist Dr. Becky Spellman (Dr Becky Spellman) says, ‘Positive stress can inspire you. You know you’re under pressure, but you’re confident about the problem or your ability to deal with it. It can be challenging, but you think it’s actually possible to achieve or solve it.’

Stress can help solve problems
Accepting and embracing stress can help you relieve discomfort and make better decisions. Gail Marra (Gail Marra) tells us, “Stress forces us to solve the problem. When you’re in the flow, your subconscious mind is widely open, it’s fully engaged in the search for a solution. Experts say that when you are at a tight spot, your subconscious and conscious mind joins together and goes into hyper-drive. At lightning speed, you are assessing your options, looking for opportunities, making decisions and options in a few seconds. “

Overcoming stress boosts confidence
The adrenaline rush (adrenaline rush) that comes after recovering from a stressful situation is directly full of happiness. Sometimes going through a stressful environment for a long time can boost your confidence. You’ll be glad you’ve managed to do that, so you can do anything. ‘These thoughts and emotions release endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and feelgood hormones,’ says Gail.

Stress helps develop new skills
Gail says we must say that more and more destructive stress is not favourable for you. But a little healthy stress can help strengthen the thoughts in your mind. Also, once you know how to resolve a problem between stress. So you’re ready to do it again. Because you have developed skills to deal with new problems.

Positive stress can boost your health
“Positive stress can improve your health in the short term,” says Gail. Everyone knows that chronic stress is the opposite of good health. However, cortisol, a hormone released in stress, increases the release of glucose in blood flow, which in turn helps in repairing tissues, reducing inflammation, increasing memory creation. It also helps to control the balance of salt and water to control the blood.

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