Yoga Session: Do kapalbhati to keep body healthy, deep breathing will strengthen lungs

Yoga Session: Do kapalbhati to keep body healthy, deep breathing will strengthen lungs

Yoga Session: In today’s Live Yoga Session (Live Yoga Session), we learnt many small yoga practices. For those who are still working from home at the moment, it is important to include these asanas in the routine. Yoga maintains health better. Yoga also plays an important role in maintaining immunity. Through these asanas, health (Health) is maintained and stress (Stress) is also relieved. Practicing yoga maintains the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body, blood circulation is done properly. Through these asanas, the body remains flexible and strengthens the hands and feet. While performing yoga, make sure that they are done slowly. Before exercise, make sure that you have a good deep long breath, follow the speed and do yoga according to your ability.

Cranium is very energetic high abdominal breathing exercise. Cranium means brain and bhaati i.e. cleanliness i.e. ‘kapalbhati’ is the pranayama from which the brain is cleaned and in this case the functioning of the brain is smoothly operated. Well there are other benefits of this pranayama. Liver is very beneficial for kidney and gas problems. Sit on any meditative posture, sukhasana or chair keeping the spine straight to perform kapalbhati pranayama. Then quickly throw the breath out of both the nostrils as fast as possible. Also narrow the stomach inward as much as possible.

Immediately after that, both the pores of the nose pull the breath in and allow the stomach to come out as much as possible. This action can be increased from 50 times to 500 times as per strength and requirement but do not exceed 50 times in one order. Gradually increase the order. It can do at least 5 minutes and up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Benefits of Cranial Rectivitis
– Blood circulation is good.
– Helps in curing respiratory diseases. Asthma patients in particular have special benefits.
-Very beneficial for women.
– Reduces belly fat.
– Relieves stomach related diseases and constipation.
– Sleep is good at night.

These people should not do kapalbhati
-Pregnant women should avoid doing it.
– Those who have undergone any surgery should not do it.
– Patients with gastric and acetidy try to do it slowly.
– Don’t do it at all in periods.
– High BP and heart related diseases patients avoid doing it.

anulom vilom pranayama
First of all, sit in the sukhasana with a palanquin. Then hold your right nostril with the right thumb and breathe in from the left nostril. Now close the left nostril with the ring finger. Then open the right nostril and exhale. Now breathe in from the right nostril and exhale from the left nostril repeating the same process.

Benefits of Anulom Vilom Pranayama
-Lungs are strong
– The body doesn’t get sick quickly in the changing weather.
-Helpful in weight loss
– Improves the digestive system
-Helpful for relieving stress or depression
– Also beneficial for arthritis

First of all, sit in meditation or air posture and exercise bhastrika. It’s mainly deep breathing. Deep breathing daily for about five minutes will strengthen your respiratory system.

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